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Enjoy No-Hassle Returns, A 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee & A Lifetime Warranty On All Earthlight Saunas

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EarthLight Classic Saunas

Earthlight CS-1

Old Price : $2,499.99
Our Price: $ 1,799.99

Earthlight CS-2

Old Price : $2,799.00
Our Price : $1,999.99

Earthlight CS-3

Old Price : $3,499.99
Our Price : $2,499.00

Earthlight CS-4

Old Price : $4,199.99
Our Price : $2,499.99

EarthLight Premier Saunas

Earthlight PS-1

Old Price : $2,999.99
Our Price: $ 2,299.99

Earthlight PS-2

Old Price : $3,499.00
Our Price : $2,999.99

Earthlight PS-3

Old Price : $3,999.99
Our Price : $2,999.00

Earthlight PS-4

Old Price : $4,499.99
Our Price : $3,399.99

EarthLight Premier Cedar Saunas

Earthlight PCS-1

Old Price : $3,499.99
Our Price: $ 2,899.99

Earthlight PCS-2

Old Price : $4,999.00
Our Price : $3,499.99

Earthlight PCS-3

Old Price : $4,599.99
Our Price : $3,699.00

Earthlight PCS-4

Old Price : $4,999.99
Our Price : $3,999.99

Welcome To Earthlight Saunas!

We ship all our saunas direct to the homeowner FREE and are easily installed within 1 hour. Our patented tongue and groove technology allows for easy and quick installation for anyone to install. Once installed, the Earthlight Infrared Sauna simply plugs into a 120 V wall outlet, costing only pennies per sauna session. This allows the homeowner to regularly use the sauna, gaining all the incredible health benefits they offer.

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Why Earthlight Saunas?

Try It & Love It!

We are so confident that you will absolutely love your new home infrared sauna by Earthlight that we offer a Try It and Love It 90 Day money-back guarantee! If for whatever reason your brand new Earthlite Sauna doesn't live up to your high expectations, we are more than happy to give you a full refund. No questions asked!

Earthlight Saunas Simply Last Longer! Lifetime Warranty Says It All!

Our CarbonPure Heaters are certified Ultra Low EMF and have the longest life, outlasting other sauna heaters times ten! The heaters have a 20,000 HOURS life expectancy, so running the sauna about 4-5 hours a week is about 216 hours a year, lasting well over 92 years! Maybe that's why Earthlight Saunas are the only lifetime warranty infrared sauna on the market today!

Ease of Use

Earthlight Saunas manufacture and distribute the world's finest FAR Infrared home saunas. Our saunas are unlike any other infrared sauna on the market today featuring CarbonPure infrared heating panels, engineered to create a wider, much softer heat that is more evenly distributed throughout the sauna. The result is a more pronounced increase in benefits which are known world wide.

We thank you for stopping by and wish you and your family the best!

In good health,
Colin & Dan Barker - Earthlight Saunas Owners

"Far infrared saunas are finally getting the mainstream media attention they deserve!"

-Dr. Mehmet Oz

Health and wellness professionals across the board agree of the amazing benefits obtained through regular infrared sauna use.

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